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Testimonials from Satisfied Owners

We would like to share the positive feedback our satisfied customers have shared with us.

Sunshine Kitty Katz ...home of Just The Kitty For You!

Below we have pictures and testimonials of our kittens
in their new homes from some of our satisfied customers.


August 12, 2015

Hi Ginny,

She is doing great! I love having her around she is such a sweetheart. She slept cuddled up with me all night :). I am so thankful for her! The adorable way she plays really brightens my day!

Thank You!


July 8, 2012

Kitten going to new home with Gretchen and daughter from Presto, PA



June 24, 2013

Sharon taking her new kitty,Cossette, home to Charleston, West VA

Hi Ginny,

She's a bundle of energy wrapped around a love bucket. She slept most of the trip home and all the first night thru, ate, drank & used the litter box and then it was off to the races.
Last night she was up playing several times. Zzzzzzzz...I'm going to have to take naps when she does to keep up with her.
Two best buddies stopped in last night to meet her and were very complimentary about how friendly & loving she is, to be so tiny. They said, "that's a sign of an excellent breeder!" I agreed.
Thanks so much for my new baby girl!

I'll keep you posted.


March 14, 2013

Darla going home with her new Mom, Terri , to Cleveland, Ohio.



June 18, 2013

Diamond & Damien Diamond on the couch

 Hi Ginny, I have so many pictures to post on facebook. They are beside me right now and I can hardly find Diamond. She is wrapped in Damien's arms. These creatures are awesome. We are enjoying Diamond so much. She has about 2 doz tin foil balls that Siena keeps making for her. She has a good appetite and likes Meow wet food of chicken with beef sauce. She is bringing us so much joy. I am glad Kelly found you. You have so many beautiful animals. We are so crazy about this little soft soul. Joe told me that Damien cried the entire time I was gone. He loved her the first time he laid eyes on her. She is the love and joy of our lives. My granddaughter is so happy that Diamond will let her play with her.
Here are a few pictures.

Take care. Mary Helen


March 18, 2013

Marcy and Chloe

 Thanks Ginny. I will keep in touch with u. He is very gentle with her. And she's always following him or any of the family around. She slept with my fiancé and I last night and she never left my pillow. She's the perfect fit for the family. I can't believe how quickly she is adjusting. Thank u for such a sweet little girl. Marcy with her new best friend. my son adores her. They laid together on the couch and watched cartoons.


March 14, 2013

Darla going home with her new Mom, Terri , to Cleveland, Ohio.



March 10, 2012

Agnes going to her new home with Mom, Brother, sister and many friends to Bethel, PA



March 3,2013

Hi Ginny,
we are head-over-heels in love with this little girl!! She is into everything and is amazingly entertaining....all that energy. Her favorite napping spot is snuggled up to my neck...love that!!
Marshmallow hasn't quite figured out what this little kitty is about. he hisses at her, but she holds her ground. they are getting to know each other and i still believe they will be best buddies soon!
I would send you some pictures but she doesn't sit still long enough for my camera to focus and shoot!!!

love.... karen


February. 26, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that Sasha is settling in nicely. She was not nervous at all. Just started playing and eating and using her litter box as soon as we got home. She is fearless! Takes her nap on one of us during the day. Our dog just started licking her. He is adjusting nicely too. Last night we put her in a crate to sleep. Not a peep out of her. I think tonight she'll sleep with Jeff and me.

Cindy and Jeff 


February 22, 2013

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for our new baby. Teddy was not accepting at all when we brought Louie home so we kept them apart all afternoon and night. This morning they both were playing in the family room and now teddy has really warmed up to Louie!!

Kelly and Matt got their 2nd Sphynx from sunshinekittykatz.
See how well they are adjusting to each other.



January 15, 2013

Hi Ginny!
This is Lexi, I just wanted to keep you updated on Mac (formally known as Ruby). She's the most lovable little girl I could ever ask for. She loves her brother & sister kitties.. And when she's not cuddling up with Onyx, she's cuddling with me or Gary. She loves sitting on my lap while I'm on the computer, or Gary's lap while he watches tv. She even cries at our bedroom door until we let her come inside & sleep with us in bed. Also, she's been wonderful with her weekly baths! She's very playful, we could play with her for hours with her toys.
Thank you so much for my wonderful baby kitty, I absolutely adore her. I'll send you some pictures of all of us very soon!

- Lexi


October 8, 2012

Just an update on the kitties....
We went to the Outer Banks 2 weeks ago. Mr. Darcy was so glad to see my daughter when she came to the house to feed him, that he jumped from the table, to the island, and into her arms and put his paws around her neck and started to purr. He did the same thing with our neighbor Ray, who also looked after them!!

The kitties have a new list of jobs:
Lizzie the towel and underwear unfolder (She waits until you get the laundry folded, and then she unfolds it.

Lizzie the towel thief: She loves to pull the towels off the stove handle and play with them.

Mr. Darcy and Lizzie" shower inspectors. They both watch us clean the glass door before getting out of the shower. Then they have to enter to inspect the inside.

Mr. Darcy the kitchen inspector. He has to jump on the counter and watch you clean dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

Mr. Darcy: the edge of the butter dish cleaner - Nice and clean ala tongue!!

Mr. Darcy - the toilet flusher expert. The minute he hears the toilet flush, he runs to the bathroom and watches the water swirl down. The other day when Jim was using the toilet, Mr. Darcy got his head in the way of the "stream" and had his head peed on. I had to wash his head in the sink.

Lizzie, the water bottle cap queen. Lizzie will lift the bottle cap lying on the counter when I am drinking my water, and will walk around with it in her mouth. Then she plays with it like a hockey puck!

Lizzie, the fetcher. Lizzie will play fetch (up to 20 times with the bottle cap.) She actually will drop it in your hand when she retrieves it. (She's so smart!!) Mr. Darcy is the Watcher of the Bottle Cap Fetcher with his paws crossed, while he watches.

Anything left on the counter is fair game.

As you can see, they are so much fun and keeping us busy!! Lizzie loves to sit on your lap and is a real lover. Mr. Darcy is a real lover...... when he feels like it! He certainly is a character. Lizzie instigates alot of the kitty play. It isn't always him. He is the dominant one., though.

I'll keep in touch.  Lois



September 2012

Hi Ginny,
 just wanted to let you know, Trinity is enjoying her new home very much.
She is now around 3.8lbs, up from 2.8 on her 1st vet visit here. She has her favorite spots
around the house to sleep. When I'm watching TV in my recliner, she likes to sit on my chest.
If we are cooking in the kitchen, she likes to sit on the foot stool and watch. Of course at night,
she crawls under the covers and gets right up next to me for warmth.


Dave & Lil...



June 2012

Kitten going home to the Poconos.



June 2012

Tami, Sidney and Kennedy picking up their 2 new kittens. One is a Sphynx named Liam and a Devon Rex named Eli. They traveled from Indiana to pick up their 2 new babies.



May 2012

Lexi and Gary with their little boy Onyx from Pitt, PA | Here is a picture of Onyx and his fuzzy sweater, he loves wearing it! Sometimes he cries when I take it off of him.



May 2012

Helzman family taking Otis home to Bethel, PA. and Otis in his new blanket



May 2012

Nicole taking her new Sphynx, Hanzo , home to Greensbugh, PA.



May 2012

Susan, Justine, Brad and Brennan taking their 2 little male Sphynx home



April 5, 2012

Mo taking his new Devon Rex kitten home



February 1, 2012

Hi Ginny,
We just wanted to let you know that Minka is doing well! She was so good in the car, she slept almost the whole way home. When she got to our house she was exploring everywhere. It only took about 5 minutes until her and my chihuahuas started getting along. They are all sleeping next to each other right now- I think they will be best friends!


She already used her litter box, so that's great! This is Minka today! She loves laying on these pillows on our couch. She loves to cuddle and be warm. She's such a good girl, and we are so glad we got her :)

Thanks again for everything! Minka is already a part of our family :)
I will send you some pictures of her soon.



January, 2012

Here is an email about Cleo, the little kitty whose big brother Omar did not like . Omar and Cleo are doing a lot better together.

Cleo at home with Michael and Janice in Pitts. PA

Just to let you know our Cleo is doing very well. She is the sweetest little baby. We took her for her third shot Saturday and she purred the whole time. Unlike Omar the Terrible who screams and spits the whole time. He is still a bit miserable but that is his nature. She is a big eater. She has already gained a pound since we got her. She comes up to bed when we go up and sleeps between us the whole night and hardly moves.




Hi Ginny!
Bear is doing so well, he’s so much fun. The girls are wonderful with him, they don’t even get their coats off, they immediately go to him. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. He is not shy, he plays fetch all the time and loves pencils, feathers and my blanket that has a cow print, he is so funny!
My Mom is in love with him. She calls him “a little baby doll.” She came over this past weekend and trimmed his nails along with buying him two heated beds which he loves.


Talk to you soon and keep warm!
Lots of Love,
-Erin (Rob, Emma, Maggie and Bear too!)



December 2011


The Weaver's Christmas with Benjamin and Yoda.



December 17, 2011
Emma and Maggie are so happy to take their new kitten “ Bear “ home


Oh Ginny...
We love him so much. We spent the day making every noise possible to get him used to his new home. He talks non-stop, even while he eats and uses his litter! Maggie thought it was glitter, not litter! We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift! The girls have been wonderful with him. He made a cave where he like to sleep in our blankets on the chair. He is SO great!
We will keep in touch and visit often, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, you are part of our family now...
Lots of love...
-Bear, Rob, Erin, Emma and Miss Maggie



December 17, 2011
Spanky going to his new home with Mom and Dad . The next day he went to see Santa and sit on his lap.

Hi again

Here are the Santa photos of Spanky! He did so well in his lil Pj's! He’s such a good lil boy! He kept us very warm last night in bed lol but we loved it!
Thank you so much!
Steven, Shawna, and Spanky



December 17, 2011

Ginny & Pat,

We just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Gizmo wanted to say thanks for the card. This is one patient cat. Although, he did protest a bit. We just love him. He is just the sweetest little cat, and he's so friendly to everyone. Thanks so much for our little cutie!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Gizmo and the Wolf's



December 4, 2011



Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. We have a family picture with Angel. She is the most amazing kitten. You paired her so expertisely with our family. Her personality blends in with ours so effortlessly. We absolutely adore her. The most amazing thing about her is that she LOVES people. She is everything that they claim a “Devon Rex” to be. I never have to wonder where she is because if there are people around, she is right in the middle of all the action. Thanks so much for the addition to our family. Happy Holidays!!




November 24, 2011
Thanksgiving Day


Hi Ginny/p>

Everything is going so well! Sugar and Spice are just so adorable and seem very content. They were absolutely fine during the drive home as I kept peeking in at them . You have just been so special throughout this whole long process between us.
It was wonderful to meet your mother today and I certainly hope I can provide as much warmth and love here as you all do to your many cats there.
I will forever now remember Thanksgiving day as even more special than ever before.

Sugar and Spice join me in very fond regards.



November 5, 2011


Hi, Ginny,

Just wanted to let you know that Gizmo is doing great. He is such a good kitty. We are just in love with him! You do a great job socializing and training your kittens. He is so sweet and friendly and he's such a good boy about using his litter box. He's been sleeping in our bed at night. I was worried about him being lonely and crying at night, but he hasn't. He curls up under our covers at the bottom of the bed and sleeps all night. I have to wake him up in the morning. He's still not real sure if he like the dog or not, but he's getting more confident around her. They actually sniffed noses this morning and he didn't swat at her.



October 30, 2011


Zack is IN LOVE with Stella! And she is in love with him. I barely got to hold her this weekend cause he took her everywhere he went. You know, Mr. “I don’t like cats”, yeah right. Bast and Stella are getting along really well. Bast wasn’t sure about her the first 2 days or so but now they play together and cuddle together while they sleep. Bast is quite a bit bigger than Stella so sometimes I have to remind her not to play too rough, but it is working out great.



October 29, 2011


Ginny and Pat,

Just to let you know that Raylan made it safe and sound to his new home and all is well. We have dozens of photos but a few highlights are attached.

He was comfortable from the moment he got here, we worried that he'd be pining away and crying for your family, but has shown no signs of being lonely or anxious. He's happy and content and we both feel that this is a testament to the love and nurturing that he received in your care.

This is our first experience with a kitten, but we can't imagine that we could have found a better breeder.

He is a joy to all, and he is loved. It's such a pleasure having him in our lives. Every day brings another action or expression that we didn't see the day before. He's so affectionate and playful, and best of all...litter trained! We did not expect falling so in love with him!

Thanks for everything! By the way, the kitten blanket that your mother made is his comfort zone.
What a nice touch.

Thanks, sincerely,
Bill and Nancy from West Chester, PA



October 17,2011


Amanda and Zak taking Stella (Devon Rex) to her new home.



October 17,2011


Mary Jane from Mt. Lebanon, PA. taking Jax (Devon Rex) home.



September 26,2011


Pita going home with Jessica and daughter from Ohio



June 20,2011

2 of Uglee’s kittens playing together at their new home in Buffalo.
"I’m very happy with them. They’re very playful and a pleasure to have around."



June 4, 2011

Hi Ginny,

Precious is such a joy to have around, and she is adjusting so well to her new home. She is such a ball of energy! I love how she follows me everywhere around the house and she gets so excited when I come home. She likes to sleep right next to my face and I wake up to her purring. She also loves to sleep in the blanket you made her. Thanks again for taking such good care of her when she was a baby. Keep in touch :)




May 21, 2011

Ashley has her new white Sphynx kitten all wrapped up and ready to go home.



May 17,2011

We are so thrilled to have added Linus to our household. He has brought us much joy and entertainment and continues to surprise us. Along with being a clown, he is very loving. I highly recommend Sphynx cats as a pet for anyone and, furthermore, believe that Ginny is the person to provide the best in class!

Take care!
Raelene Davis



May 15, 2011

Thank YOU!! She went right to exploring her new home. She didn't cry at all. I was really surprised! I love the thoughtful look she always has in her eyes. She even purred for us. She's such a sweet little girl. Thank you so much! I posted your web address on facebook because my friends think she's adorable!



What a Mothers Day gift! 

May 1, 2010
Hi Ginny,

Here is a picture from Saturday... Mom loves him dearly! He had quite a welcoming party and is enjoying getting to know his new family!

Thanks again,




Thank you so much for the pictures! We love getting them. I can't stop thinking about that kitten. The kids talk about her all the time. I already got her so many new things, we are all ready for her to come home. WOW, how did you get them to sit so nice! They are all just darling. The boys loved the pictures. They talk about her all the time. When in May do you think we could pick her up? My son Joey wants to start counting down the days! Do you think maybe around mothers day or later than that? Keep in touch love to hear from you with the updates. It helps to make the time go bye faster. Thank you very much, Wish we could take them all. We put them on the computer for our new screen saver



Hi Ginny: 

Thanks for the wonderful pics! I love them!!! She's so darn adorable! Thanks for the update...I thought about calling today but don't want to be a nudge! Only 2.5 weeks to go, eh! Can't wait!!! If's she is ready to come "home" any sooner, even if by one day, please holler out! Every time I look at her pics, I'm chomping at the bit to have her meet my "family." I've posted a few pics on my chat site and she's received quite the mix of comments!!! "We're" in the process of naming! Thanks again!

Talk to you soon!br> Linda


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